MWS Series

Ginove Mobile Washing MWS Series is the most ecological and productive cart cleaning system in the industry.

In only 30 seconds the MWS system equipped with Ginove high pressure water nozzles unique design can clean the inside and outside (with the lid) of any carts models including compost carts with screen mesh bottom !

Thanks to its dual piston pumps design and its two separate water reservoirs, carts are washed using filtered water and rinsed with clean water, odours and germs are eliminated and cross contamination from one cart to another is prevented within the process. A biodegradable soap can be added to the clean water if required.


An electronically controlled cart tipping and washing sequence allows the cart to drain inside of the washing hopper in a few seconds after the washing / rinse cycle is being completed and before the cart is returned to it’s initial position.

The semi automatic cart tipper cycle prevents the risk of inadvertently dumping carts containing waste. The MWS series ergonomic design and safety features are allowing a safe working environment for the operator.

  • Patented hydraulically driven water pump
  • PLC controlled semi-automated cart tipper
  • Tipper adapted for 32 gals (120L) – 95 gals (360L) carts
  • Unique Ginove filter system.
  • 2 Separate water tanks (Clean and filtered water)
  • 360° Patented hydraulic rotating water nozzles system
  • Hydraulic rotating water nozzles system
  • E quipped with a diesel water heater
  • Diesel and Hydraulic tanks system

  • 2 cycle cleaning system
  • Clean the carts inside, outside and cart lid all at once
  • Fast 30 seconds cycle time
  • Electronically controlled washing/rinse cycle
  • 360° high pressure rotating water nozzles and nozzles bar for maximal cleaning performance

  • Single axle chassis
  • Right-Hand steering for stand-up drive (side-washing hopper)
  • 26000 GVW minimum
  • Clear cab to axle 150’’ minimum
  • Transmission PTO
  • Chassis specifications must be approved by Ginove at the time of order


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